IT for Inclusion works one-on-one with the clients to determine the type of assistive technology that would best assist them to develop better skills for future employment opportunities or lifelong learning opportunities.

Our goal is to make sure you get the right devices for you.

assistive technology assessmentsAssistive Technology Assessments

They are designed to determine the appropriateness of the devices as a means of accommodating the disabilities.  The assessment includes:

  • Detailed interviews with the client
  • Task analyses
  • Technical research
  • Trials – Based upon the documented disabilities, clients will be given trials with a variety of assistive devices that will most likely to enhance their abilities (usually at least three trials will be provided).

Once the most appropriate device has been identified, an extensive report will be provided with recommendations for technical devices, costs (as available), and implementation strategies custom designed for the individual.

The assessments are conducted by Neil Hehr who has 10 years of experience with a number of organizations including Developmental Disability Resource Centre, Calgary Quest School, WCB, AROGA Technologies and Mandel Associates.  Neil has extensive knowledge of computer technology with his company Bow Valley IT Services and he has a strong personal interest in assistive technology.

IT for Inclusion is happy to provide these services in both Calgary and the Bow Valley area.

Assistive Technology Training

Everyone is unique.  Our specialized service is designed to best fit your needs.  Throughout the process you will receive a personalized training session that will teach you everything that they need to know to use the assistive technology effectively.  Each training session will bring you one step closer to becoming independent with the technology.  The goal by the end of the process is for you to no longer need support when using the assistive technology.

Direct support will be provided to our clients but it will be our goal for you and your team to sub-stain the use of assistive technology. Clients will receive support out in the community where a location that the participant will find it comfortable as well as where the majority of the assistive technology would be used. We will provide all the resources and training to you so when using the technology you will be independent and will only need indirect support.

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Assessments provided to make sure you get the right resources and technology.









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