At IT for Inclusion we provide Assistive Technology Assessments for Calgary and Cochrane


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Assessments provided to make sure you get the right resources and technology.

We provide assistive technology assessments to make sure you get the right tools. Pre and post test assessments; Client observation ex.comfort level using the technology; increase in confidence, new skills, etc. We will provide final report with recommendations and resources including funding. Working with team members to sustain and update technology as needed.

Assistive Technology Assessment

Assistive Technology Assessments are designed to determine the appropriateness of assistive technology devices as means of accommodating disabilities. Based upon their documented disabilities, clients will be given trials with a variety of assistive devices most likely to enhance their abilities (usually at least three trials will be provided). Once the most appropriate device has been determined, a report will be provided which contains recommendations and conclusions. The assessments will be conducted by Mr. Neil Hehr. Mr. Hehr has ten years experience including Developmental Disability Resource Centre, Calgary Quest School, WCB, AROGA Tecnologies and Mandel Associates some of which was spent performing assistive technology assessments. He has expertise in computer technology and a strong interest in assistive technology. Assistive Technology assessments will include detailed interviews with the client, task analyses, technical research and trials, and provision of a written report which includes recommendations for technical devices, costs (as available), and implementation strategies.

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