We live in a tough and competitive world. It is even harder when you are a person with a disability. It’s frustrating to have limitations that hinder you from reaching your full potential.

People with disabilities can have a whole new world open up for them with the use of assistive technology and its devices:

  • Be more independent with the use of computers
  • Grow your confidence by learning new skills
  • Open doors to new employment opportunities

Don’t let your disability limit your potential!

Assistive technology enables people with disabilities to perform tasks that they couldn’t before, or had great difficulty accomplishing. Some examples include… Coming Soon

IT for Inclusion has a 3 step process to design a custom solution that will best suit you and your lifestyle
  1. Assistive Technology Assessments – An extensive Assistive Technology Assessment is performed to understand your situation and requirements. This includes interviews and task analysis.
  2. Solution – Based on the information gathered from the assessment, a custom designed assistive technology solution will be proposed.
  3. Implementation – To ensure a smooth transition, a full comprehensive training program will be provided.

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Neil HehrNeil Hehr AT Consultant

Neil Hehr has been working with assistive technology and people with disabilities for over 21 years and has been conducting Information Technology and Assistive Technology assessments at Mandel & Associates for over 11 years. Neil also provided technological support at Calgary Quest School as an Information / Assistive Technologist. For 5 years, he worked on a federally funded project called IT for Inclusion through the Developmental Disability Resource Centre of Calgary, which also involved working with people with disabilities in Calgary and performing assistive technology assessments including for WCB.

IT for Inclusion is excited to be bringing these new services to Calgary and the Bow Valley area.